Frazer Memorial UMC - Wesley Hall

Guest Speaker:  Abby Johnson

To help Abby feel at home we will be having barbeque and wearing our western casual attire.




Our guest speaker is Abby Johnson, former Executive Director of Planned Parenthood, America’s leading abortion provider, in College Station, Texas. She recently published a book, unPLANNED. Abby shares her story of when she was asked to hold the ultrasound probe for an ultrasound-guided-abortion and to her surprise saw the perfect profile of a baby. “Just like Grace at twelve weeks” she thought, remembering when she first had a peek at her daughter three years before. Then quickly that life was taken from the womb.  Our 2012 Banquet speaker, Shawn Carney, literally helped to pray her our of Planned Parenthood.  Make plans now to hear her incredible story.

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How is the Banquet Supported?


The Sav-A-Life Banquet is supported through the generosity of individuals, foundations and businesses that have underwritten the cost of this event, making it possible for the funds raised that evening to directly support the work of the ministry. We are very grateful to these benefactors for helping expand the impact of the Sav-A-Life Ministry.


How can I Participate?


The fundraising from the Banquet accounts for much of our budget and we need your participation.  Check below to see if there is a way you can become involved.



1) Be an Underwriter - Give $1000 or More

They sometimes don't plan to attend and will receive a 100% tax deduction.If they plan to host a table, their tax deduction will be the amount given minus the cost of 8 dinners ($128).



2) Be a Table Sponsor - Give $500

They sponsor and host a table with their tax deduction being the amount given minus the cost of 8 dinners ($128).



3) Be a Table Host

They host a table of 8 inviting their friends and family and plan to give the night of the banquet.



4) Be our Guest

They come by themselves or with friends and family and plan to give the night of the banquet.


Even if you cannot attend the Banquet, you can still donate.  Attendees will be asked to make a one-time gift, as well as a monthly pledge.  Please pray and ask God to lead you in this decision.  If you would like to give and or pledge but cannot attend the Banquet, please contact Melinda Stewart at 260-8010 or



How do I Register?


DUE TO THE GENEROSITY OF UNDERWRITERS, THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND THIS EVENT.  HOWEVER RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.   If you are interested in attending or hosting a table of eight, please click here or contact Melinda at